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Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour

Published  September 2008

As drawn up and promulgated by the Minister for Finance on 9 September 2004 pursuant to Section 10(3) of the Standards in Public Office Act 2001 and published by the Standards in Public Office Commission (revised edition) in September 2008 pursuant to Section 10(11) of the Standards in Public Office Act 2001.

Mission of the Civil Service

The mission of the Civil Service is the achievement of an excellent service for Government and the other institutions of State as well as for the public as citizens and users of public services, based on principles of integrity, impartiality, effectiveness, equity and accountability.



  1. Introduction
  2. PART 1 - An Overview
  3. PART 2 - Standards Required of Civil Servants
  4. Standards Underpinning Service Delivery
  5. Behaviour at Work
  6. Standards of Integrity
  7. Appendix