The Standards Commission set up and manages a Register of Corporate Donors. This list is active for the current calendar year.

When and how do I register?

As a corporate donor, you must apply to register if you intend to make political donations of more than €200 to:

  • A member of either House of the Oireachtas
  • A member of the European Parliament
  • A candidate at a Dáil, Seanad, or European election
  • A candidate, presidential election agent or third party at a presidential election
  • A political party, sub-unit of a political party or third party.

How long does the register remain in effect?

Your name will stay on register for the remainder of the year. We will contact you towards the end of the year to see if you want to stay on the register for another year. If not, we will take your name off the register.

There are rules about accepting and disclosing political donations and there are limits on donations. These rules apply whether you are registered as a corporate donor or not.

What are the donation limits?

Registered corporate donors can give political donations valued at up to:

  • €1,000 to a member of the Dáil or Seanad
  • €1,000 to a candidate at a Dáil, Seanad or European elections
  • €1,000 to a candidate, presidential election agent or third party at a presidential election
  • €2,500 to a political party, sub-unit of a party, or a third party


Register of Corporate Donors
Aegis Safety Ltd Aegis-Safety-Ltd-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland ASTI-corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
CE Cladwell Estates Ltd CE-Cladwell-Estates-Ltd-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Chabot Creations Ltd Chabot-Creations-Ltd-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
EP Lynam Properties EP-Lynam-Properties-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Irish Farmers' Association Irish-Farmers-Association-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Irish National Teachers Organisation Irish-National-Teachers-Organisation-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation Irish-Nurses-and-Midwives-Organisation-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Lagan Homes Ireland Limited Lagan-Homes-Ireland-Limited-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
SIPTU Siptu-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf
Unite the Union Unite-the-Union-Corporate-Donor-2020.pdf