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1.         Guidelines for the general election to the thirty second Dáil have been published by the Standards in Public Office Commission under section 4 of the Electoral Act 1997, as amended (the Act). 

2.         The Guidelines cover the main requirements of the above legislation relating to:

·         disclosure of political donations;

·         limits on the value of donations which may be accepted;

·         prohibited donations;

·         limits on election spending;

·         reimbursement of election expenses to qualified candidates.

3.         The Standards Commission was established in December 2001 by the Standards in Public Office Act 2001.  The members of the Standards Commission are:

·                    The Hon. Mr. Justice Daniel O’Keeffe, former Judge of the High Court, Chairman of the Standards Commission;

·                     Mr Seamus McCarthy, Comptroller and Auditor General;

·                     Mr Peter Tyndall, Ombudsman;

·                     Mr Peter Finnegan, Clerk of Dáil Éireann;

·                     Ms Deirdre Lane, Clerk of Seanad Éireann; and

·                     Mr Jim O’Keeffe, former member of Dáil Éireann. 

The Standards Commission has a permanent Secretariat which is located at 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.