Do you accept donations for political purposes? If you are an individual or organisation that accepts donations of more than €100 for political purposes, you are a third party under the Electoral Act, and have obligations under the Act.

What are my obligations?

Third parties must:

  • Register with the Standards Commission
  • Open a bank account for political donations
  • Send annual returns of political donations to the Commission

You will stay on the register until you apply to de-register.

What are political donations?

A donation can comprise of money, property or services. If it is given for a political purpose – as defined in the Electoral Act – it is considered a political donation.

What is a political purpose?

Political purposes include:

  • Seeking to influence the outcome of an election or referendum
  • Promoting the interests of a candidate, elected official or political party
  • Promoting a third party’s views and interests
  • Campaigning to influence government policy or functions

See the Explanatory Note for Third Parties for a complete definition of a political purpose.

How do I register as a third party?

You must apply to register using an application form from the Standards Commission. We may ask you for more information, if it is needed.

Once you have registered, your name will be added to the Register of Third Parties.

How do I apply to de-register?

If you are no longer accepting donations for political purposes, you must apply to the Commission to de-register as a third party using the form from the Standards Commission.