Any person can make a complaint to the Standards Commission where he or she considers that a "specified person", or a person who is a connected person, may

  • have done a "specified act";
  • contravened a provision of the Ethics Acts or
  • contravened a provision of the Electoral Act 1997, as amended (the Electoral Acts).

A specified act is an act made, or an omission done, after the commencement of Section 2 of the 2001 Act (i.e. after 10 December 2001) that is:

  • inconsistent with the proper performance by the specified person of the functions of the office or position by reference to which he or she is such a person or with the maintenance of confidence in such performance by the general public, and
  • the matter is one of significant public importance.

More information can be found in Section 4 of the Standards Act 2001