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Appendix 3 - Items which are NOT elections expenses and which were included in Election Expenses Statements at previous elections

The following are examples of the more common items which are not regarded as election expenses and which were accounted for, incorrectly, as election expenses at previous elections.  The list is not exhaustive.  If you have any queries relating to expense items which you may incur during the election period, the Standards Commission Secretariat is available to assist when completing the Election Expenses Statement.

A - Advertising

Advertisements which appeared in a newspaper which had a publication date which was outside the election period e.g., "Thank you" advertisements in newspapers after polling day.

B - Publicity

Free post service provided to candidates in respect of "Litir um Thoghcháin".  (It should be noted that only the postage costs are not regarded as an election expense.  The cost of producing the leaflet/election address/Litir um Thoghcháin is an election expense.)

C - Election Posters

Removal of Election Posters (if removed after polling day).

D - Other Election Material

"Thank you" Cards, Leaflets, Newsletters, etc., which were distributed outside of the election period.

E - Office and Stationery

Rental costs associated with the use of an office which is owned by a political party.

Use of private telephones (including mobile phones) where the expense incurred was not reimbursed to the person.

F - Transport and Travel

Diesel/Petrol costs which were not reimbursed to the person, the cost of servicing a vehicle, repairs and additional costs in respect of a vehicle.

G - Market Research

Purchase of Register of Electors.

H - Campaign Workers

"Close of poll" party.

Expenses incurred on refreshments for the candidate and volunteer campaign workers.

I - Fines

Litter and parking fines etc.