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Exchequer Expenditure Statements

In order to qualify for funding under the Electoral Acts, a political party must be included in the Register of Political Parties and must have obtained at least 2% of the first preference votes at the last Dáil general election. Funding is paid on the basis of the results of the previous general election.

Each qualified political party is paid a basic amount of €126,973.81 annually. In addition, each qualified political party is also entitled to a share of an annual sum which was originally set at €3m and which increases in line with general pay increases in the civil service. The Electoral (Amendment)(Political Funding) Act 2012 introduced a new requirement that the annual sum will decrease in line with general pay reductions in the civil service. The share of the fund payable to a qualified political party is determined by expressing the first preference votes of the qualified party as a percentage of the total first preference votes received by all qualified political parties.

Under the Electoral Acts the Standards Commission is required each year to produce a form for the disclosure by qualified political parties of their expenditure of state funding received by them under the Electoral Acts. The form must be audited by a public auditor.  The auditor's report must be submitted with the form.  The Standards Commission has produced a pro-forma auditor's report for this purpose which is included as part of the form. The forms must be returned to the Standards Commission by 31 March each year.


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