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Press Release 2018 Annual Returns TDs, Senators, MEPs

Press Release - Annual Disclosure of Donations received in 2018 by TDs, Senators and MEPS

Standards Commission reports on donations received in 2018 by TDs, Senators and MEPS

The Standards Commission has today published a report on donations made to TDs, Senators and MEPs in 2018. The report also contains information on other donations required to be disclosed.

Public representatives’ donation statements

For the 2018 reporting period, a total of 230 public representatives — 158 TDs, 60 Senators, 1 former Senator and 11 Members of the European Parliament – were required to make donation statements by 31 January 2019.  All of these individuals are in substantive compliance, although a number filed returns after the deadline.

Under the Act, public representatives may not accept donations in any year of more than €200 in cash, and not more than €1,000 in total value from a single source.  They must disclose any donations valued at (or totalling) €600 or more received from an individual source.

For 2018, five public representatives disclosed donations with a total value of €6,480.

There were no donations disclosed that exceeded the maximum limit of €1,000. 

Public representatives may only accept donations from corporate donors that are registered as such with the Commission. 

The Standards Commission's report and individual donation statements may be viewed online at Members Donation Statement Report 2018


Under the Electoral Act 1997 (as amended), public representatives who are members of the Houses of the Oireachtas or the European Parliament must disclose to the Standards in Public Office Commission (the Standards Commission) details of donations they receive above a certain value.

The Standards in Public Office Commission is an independent body responsible for overseeing the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995, the Standards in Public Office Act 2001, the Electoral Act 1997 (as amended), the Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Activities) (Amendment) Act 2014, and the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015.

The Standards Commission was created by the Standards in Public Office Act 2001.

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Members Donation Statement Report 2018

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