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FOI Disclosure Log

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires Freedom of Information (FOI) bodies such as the Standards Commission to publish a disclosure log, which contains details of non-personal requests received under FOI since January 2015 and the decisions made by the body in response to those requests.

Details of the Commission's Disclosure Log are set out in the table below.

Disclosures are listed in order of the date the request was received by the Commission. Please note that, for privacy reasons, identifying information such as the name of the requester is not included in the disclosure log.

Reference NumberDate of RequestCategory of requesterDate of DecisionDetailsReleased/WithheldExemptions applied
FOI/2015/0116/01/2015Journalist20/02/2015Records in relation to the Investigation carried out into former councillor Dessie Larkin.Access part grantedsection 22(1)(a) and 41(1)(b) 
FOI/2015/0202/02/2015Other24/02/2015Information on the expenses of each of the candidates in the Roscommon-South Leitrim Bye-election, which was held on October 10, 2014.Access refused15(1)(d)
FOI/2015/0312/02/2015Journalist23/02/2015Records relating to the suggestion by Standards in Public Office Commission (SiPOC) that Ministers be asked to vouch for mileage claims.Granted 
FOI/2015/0420/08/2015Other19/10/2015Request for three copies on how SiPOC  is regulated, especially guidelines when deciding to prosecute corrupt politicians.Access refusedThe requester did not provide sufficient particulars to enable the records to be identified.
FOI/2015/0504/11/2015Journalist30/11/2015The Book of Documents that formed part of the SiPOC investigation into Tim Caffrey, which concluded in October 2015.Access refusedBook of Documents refused.
FOI/2015/0625/11/2015Journalist18/12/2015Details of all investigations launched by SiPOC into the use of supplied stationary by members of Oirechtas during the current DáilAccess refusedRecords contain information obtained under the Ethics Acts and are not disclosable
FOI/2015/0711/12/2015Journalist22/12/2015Correspondence to/from SiPOC  with the HSE, Minister for Health, Secretary General at the Department of Health, Irish Medical Organisation, Irish Hospital Consultants Association, TDs, and the Department of An Taoiseach.







Information in respect of a number of RTE programmes:

Request for further copies

Access part granted


Section 37(1) and Section 18(1)

FOI Act does not permit a second copy of the released records.

FOI/2016/0111/01/2016Other12/02/2016Information held containing a description of the Application-Programmer Interface (API) used by www.lobbying.ieAccess grantedOne record identified and granted in full
FOI/2016/0224/02/2016Journalist15/04/2016Copies of any correspondence between SiPOC and the Houses of the Oireachtas relating to use, misuse, or abuse of Leinster House facilities in the run-up to the 2016 general election.Access grantedRecords granted in full
FOI/2016/0304/03/2016Other07/03/2016The total expenditure by political parties for campaign posters for the 2016 General ElectionWithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2016/0404/04/2016Other12/04/2016Details of all donations received by Pat "the Cope" Gallagher and Liam Aylward since the establishment of SiPOC.WithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2016/0505/04/2016Journalist01/07/2016Copies of all statements of expenditure or other documentation submitted by independent deputies and senators in respect of the Leader's Allowance as required under the Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices) (Amendment) Act 2014 since the legislation was effectedAccess part granted15(1)(d)
FOI/2016/0608/04/2016Journalist13/05/2016Information in respect of advice given to elected Sinn Fein TDs and Senators regarding donations.Access grantedRecords released in full
FOI/2016/0721/04/2016Other19/05/2016Information concerning a list of all Irish politicians and companies named in the Panama Papers.Access refused15(1)(a)
FOI/2016/0810/05/2016Journalist01/07/2016All financial records in relation to the investigation of Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill, former member of Donegal County Council.

Access part grantedSection 18(1)
FOI/2016/0916/05/2016Other01/07/2016All records relating to Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland or Permanent TSB  concerning the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015.Access part grantedSection 13 of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2013
FOI/2016/1031/05/2016Journalist31/05/2016Correspondence between the Camogie Association and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport on funding support for inter county camogie and ladies gaelic football.WithdrawnTransferred to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
FOI/2016/1117/07/2016Journalist12/08/2016A breakdown of payments made to companies for translation services between 1/1/13- 31/12/15.Access part grantedSection 15(1)(d)
FOI/2016/1223/08/2016Journalist05/10/2016Total fees spent on translation services by SiPOC during 2013, 2014 and 2015.Access granted2 records granted in full; other records previously released provided administratively outside FOI.
FOI/2016/1321/09/2016Journalist18/10/2016All financial records held by SiPOC from 10 May to 21 September 2016 in relation to the investigation of Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill.Access part grantedSection 18(1)
FOI/2016/1417/11/2016Journalist21/11/2016Total cost of investigation into alleged contraventions by Mr Tim Caffrey, former Chief Executive, Longford County CouncilWithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2016/1507/12/2016Journalist07/12/2016Breakdown - by party - of all state funding issued to political parties in the 2016 calendar year; including, if possible, the purpose for which the money was granted/used. Withdrawn (records do not exist)Withdrawn
FOI/2016/1615/12/2016Journalist13/01/2017All financial records held by SiPOC from 21 September 2016 to 15 December in relation to the investigation of Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill, former member of Donegal County CouncilAccess part grantedSection 18(1)
FOI/2017/0118/01/2017Client14/02/2017Copies of sections of the Electoral Acts which state that an election candidate who did not incur expenses or receive donations must provide/complete ''relevant statutory documentation''; transcripts of discussions re decisions by Commission in this regard.Access refusedSection 15(1)(a) and 15(1)(d)
FOI/2017/0219/01/2017Other14/02/2017Names of 66 politicians referred to Gardaí by CommissionAccess refusedSection 15(1)(d)
FOI/2017/0301/02/2017Other21/03/2017Re funding from the Open Society Foundation to the Irish Family Planning Association, Amnesty International Ireland, and the Abortion Rights Campaign.Access part grantedSection 18(1); 35(1); 36(1)
FOI/2017/0409/02/2017Other08/03/2017Records relating to a press article in the Village Magazine in 2012 about why there were no prosecutions of between 12-20 politicians and businessmenAccess refusedSection 15(1)(a)
FOI/2017/0509/02/2017Other08/03/2017Records re allegations of political corruption against a named politicianAccess refusedSection 15(1)(a)
FOI/2017/0630/03/2017Journalist27/04/2017Re investigation of a councillorAccess refusedSection 32(1)(a)(ii)
FOI/2017/0705/04/2017Other18/05/2017Re: Amnesty International Ireland, Amnesty International (Ireland) Foundation, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and the Irish Trust for Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Fundamental FreedomsAccess part grantedSection 18(1); 36(1); 37(1); 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/0805/05/2017Journalist16/05/2017Re: audit/spending reports submitted by Independent members of the Oireachtas regarding their expenditure of the parliamentary activities allowance (PAA).WithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2017/0902/06/2017Journalist29/06/2017Re statements of interests for directors of public bodies between 2010 and 2017Access refusedSection 41(1)(b)
FOI/2017/1019/06/2017Journalist30/06/2017Re correspondence with bodies re third party requirementsAccess part grantedSection 18(1) and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/1120/06/2017Journalist29/06/2017Re: statements submitted by party leaders and Independent Oireachtas members regarding their expenditure of the parliamentary activities allowance (PAA).Access refusedSection 15(1)(e)
FOI/2017/1212/07/2017Journalist02/08/2017Correspondence with TDs and Senators since start of 2016 re expenditure on "entertainment" as part of the PAA and correspondence with Mick Wallace TD since 2016 regarding his use of the PAAAccess grantedRecords granted in full
FOI/2017/1312/09/2017Journalist06/10/2017Correspondence between SIPO and the Houses of the Oireachtas Service/Commission from 1 January 2016 to date, excluding any routine day-to-day or administrative correspondenceAccess grantedRecords granted in full
FOI/2017/1424/11/2017Journalist18/12/2017Requests to waive the 'cooling-off' period for a designated public officialAccess refusedSection 41(1)(b)
FOI/2017/1505/12/2017Journalist21/12/2017Number and cost of investigations re board members of Údarás na Gaeltachta, IDA, Enterprise Ireland & Shannon DevelopmentWithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2017/1628/12/2017Other27/03/2018All records re Amnesty International Ireland and Amnesty International (Ireland) Foundation from 01/01/17 to datePart-grantedSections 15(1)(d), 32(1)(a), and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/1712/12/2017Other09/02/2018All records re Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) and Irish Trust for Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms from 01/01/17 to datePart-grantedSections 18(1), 36(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/1812/12/2017Other09/02/2018All records re Irish Family Planning Association from 01/01/17 to datePart-grantedSections 18(1), 32(1)(a), 37(1) and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/1912/12/2017Journalist19/02/2018All correspondence to/from SIPO and Amnesty International; the Irish Council for Civil Liberties; and the Irish Family Planning Institute from January 2015 to presentPart-grantedSections 15(1)(d), 18(1), 32(1)(a), 35(1), 36(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2017/2012/12/2017Journalist19/02/2018Correspondence between SIPOC and Amnesty Ireland since the start of 2016 in relation to its funding from the Open Society Foundations; correspondence between SIPOC and the Open Society Foundations; correspondence with the Irish Family Planning Association and SIPOC regarding its funding from the Open Society Foundations
correspondence from other third parties during 2017 in relation to Open Society Foundations funding.
Part-grantedSections 15(1)(d), 18(1), 32(1)(a), 35(1) and 36(1)
FOI/2017/2113/12/2017Journalist19/02/2018Any / all submissions drawn-on by SIPO assessors when arriving at the conclusion that Amnesty International Ireland, and other organisations, received 'prohibited donations' under the Electoral Act.RefusedSection 32(1)(a)
FOI/2017/2214/12/2017Other12/02/2018Copy of a letter received re a donation given to Amnesty Ireland by the Open Society FoundationsPart-grantedSections 18(1) and 36(1)
FOI/2017/2321/12/2017Journalist20/02/2018Correspondence between SIPO and the Open Society Foundations - or related bodies or individuals -- in connection with recent dealings with OSF re donations made to three Irish organisationsPart-grantedSections 15(1)(d), 18(1), 32(1)(a), 35(1) and 36(1)


Other26/01/2018Copy of report re a donation to Amnesty International Ireland by the Open Society FoundationsRefusedSection 15(1)(a)
FOI/2018/0110/01/2018Journalist21/02/2018Correspondence between the Standards in Public Office Commission and the Open Society Foundations in 2017 and so far in 2018; all memorandums and notes of meetings related to grants made by the Open Society Foundations in 2017 and so far in 2018.RefusedSections 32(1)(a) and 41(1)(a)
FOI/2018/0217/01/2018Journalist15/02/2018A database of all the fixed payment notices issued by SIPO to registrants whose returns have been made late under the Regulation of Lobbying Act.RefusedSection 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/0319/01/2018Journalist27/02/2018All correspondence SIPO has received or engaged in with reference to Equate - or related bodies or individualsPart-grantedSections 18(1) and 37(1)
FOI/2018/0422/01/2018Other16/02/20181. A copy of the register of official lobbyists registered as working within the state for 2013-2018, should they differ from the online list; 2. A copy of a schedule/list of lobbyists registered, who are domiciled in County Kilkenny, should they differ from the online list; 3. In the event that a named person is a registered Lobbyist, a copy of their returns.RefusedSection 15(1)(a)
FOI/2018/0524/01/2018Other21/02/2018All documents, including briefings, minutes, reports, memos and/or correspondence, held by SIPO concerning or originating from the National Women's Council of Ireland between 1/9/17 and the present date).Part-grantedSection 41(1)(a)
FOI/2018/0602/02/2018Business/Interest Groups21/02/2018responses to "RFT 90678 - Ombudsman marketing project - Single Supplier Framework Agreement for the Provision of Marketing/project management/communications consultancy services" (etenders.gov.ie, 9/12/14)Part-grantedSections 18(1) and 36(1)
FOI/2018/0705/02/2018Journalist27/03/20181. All correspondence (sent and received) between Sipo and any registered third-parties between 1/8/17 and 5/2/18. 2. All correspondence between Sipo and any groups about their potential status as a third party, or their potential registry as third parties 1/8/17 and 5/2/18.Part-grantedSection 15(1)(d), 18(1), 32(1)(a) and 37(1)
FOI/2018/0805/02/2018Business/Interest Groups21/02/2018Various records re a location in Dundalk, Co LouthRefusedSection 15(1)(a)
FOI/2018/0908/02/2018Journalist15/03/2018all correspondence (both electronic and via post, sent between 1/12/15 and 8/2/18) between Sipo and the following: Open Society Foundations; Amnesty International Ireland; Amnesty International; Irish Family Planning Association; Abortion Rights Campaign; Members of the public; and all internal memos and correspondence within Sipo regarding grants awarded to the above organisations from the Open Society Foundations during the same time period.Part-grantedSections 15(1)(d), 32(1)(a), 35(1)(a), 36(1)(b), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/1008/02/2018Other16/03/2018records dating from 1/4/17 to the date of release of same relating to funds from foreign sources, especially the Open Society Foundations, received by Amnesty Ireland, the Irish Family Planning Association, and the Irish Council for Civil LibertiesRefusedSections 15(1)(d) and 32(1)(a)
FOI/2018/1112/02/2018Other08/03/2018All records from 1/1/16 relating to and all engagements, whether in writing, email, or in the form of minuted meetings, to or from the Standards in Public Office Commission by education lobby group 'Equate'Part-grantedSections 18(1), 32(1)(a), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/1207/03/2018Other13/03/2018 A copy of all returns (quarterly returns etc) made to SIPO/Lobbying.ie by registered Lobbyists who engaged in lobbying of Kilkenny county council; and a copy of all subsequent relevant correspondence where applicable.WithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2018/1326/04/2018Other10/05/2018Certain records re current Referendum CommissionTransferredTransferred to current Referendum Commission
FOI/2018/1427/04/2018Other18/05/2018Records re the Honorable Society of Kings InnsRefusedS. 15(1)(d) and S. 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/1502/05/2018Journalist18/05/2018Records re a named local election candidateRefusedS. 15(1)(a)
FOI/2018/1602/06/2018Journalist02/07/2018Correspondence with social media/technology companies and internal records re online advertising in the run-up to the repeal referendumPart-grantedS. 18(1)
FOI/2018/1706/06/2018Journalist03/07/2018Correspondence sent by SIPO to members of the public/groups and responses re statutory compliance issues re campaign funding re campaigning activities during referendum on the Eighth Amendment.Part-grantedS. 18(1), 36(1) and 37(1)
FOI/2018/1803/07/2018Journalist09/07/2018Correspondence with former public servants seeking exemption from "cooling off" period for working in a lobbying organisation in 2017 or 2018.RefusedS. 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/1920/07/2018Journalist02/08/2018Records re Equate between 1 January 2017 and 1 January 2018Part-grantedS. 15(1)(d), 18(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2020/07/2018Journalist31/08/2018Internal correspondence and complaints re Amnesty International; correspondence with third parties re Open Society FoundationsPart-grantedS. 15(1)(d), 18(1), 35(1), 36(1) and 37(1)
FOI/2018/2112/08/2018Other05/09/2018Money all parties spent on social media advertising in the last two years.RefusedS. 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2217/08/2018Client13/09/2018Records of correspondence relating to EquatePart-grantedS. 15(1)(d), 18(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2321/08/2018Journalist05/11/2018briefings, reports, recommendations or other such documents prepared for the Commission re Amnesty International IrelandPart-grantedS. 15(1)(d) and 18(1)
FOI/2018/2420/08/2018Journalist16/10/2018Minutes of management meetings 1 August 2017 to date of receipt of the requestPart-grantedS. 18(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2513/09/2018Client03/12/2018Various records re third parties, Dept of Housing, etc., proceduresWithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2018/2623/09/2018Journalist16/10/2018Copies of any reports, memoranda, submissions, recommendations, briefings or other such explanatory/ review documents relating to SIPO's revised set of guidelines for the presidential electionPart-grantedS. 18(1), 29(1), 31(1)(a) and 37(1)
FOI/2018/2724/09/2018Journalist17/10/2018Records related to a deleted lobbying returnRefusedS. 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2815/10/2018Client22/11/2018Records relating to Education Equality and Equal Access to Education CLG (trading as Education Equality) (collectively "Education Equality") for the period from 1 October 2015 to datePart-grantedS. 15(1)(d), 18(1), 37(1) and 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/2926/10/2018Journalist23/11/2018a copy of any declaration/register of interests made by presenters/employees of RTÉ that is held by SIPO.RefusedS. 41(1)(b)
FOI/2018/3018/02/2019 (Amended request)Journalist14/03/2019Copies of correspondence between SIPO and the Houses of the Oireachtas Service/Commission from 1 September 2017 excluding any routine administrative correspondenceAccess grantedRecords granted in full
FOI/2018/3103/12/2018Journalist24/11/2018Copies of all submissions made to SIPO in relation to the public consultation on the Code of Conduct for LobbyistsRefusedS. 15(1)(f)
FOI/2018/3220/12/2018Other21/01/2019Copy of complaint/costs of investigation/information re members of CommissionPart-grantedS. 12(1)(b), 15(1)(b) & 41(1)(b)
FOI/2019/0101/01/2009Journalist15/01/2019Information re investigations under Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015WithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2019/0203/01/2019Other29/01/2019All documentation received by SIPO from the Cavan CDC Fianna Fáil Accounting Unit in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018RefusedS. 41(1)(a)
FOI/2019/0314/01/2009Business/ Interest Groups21/01/2019Breakdown by city/county council of European Parliament election votes in 2014WithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2019/0423/01/2019Other19/02/2019Records re appointment of members of the CommissionRefusedS. 15(1)(a)
FOI/2019/0506/02/2019Client21/02/2019Information on visits to the lobbying register site in the past 2 months by the requesterRefusedS. 15(1)(a)
FOI/2019/0618/02/2019Journalist26/02/2019Copies of all internal audit reports completed in 2017, 2018, and thus far in 2019Access grantedRecord granted in full
FOI/2019/0706/03/2019Other27/03/2019Number of instances of corruption/misconduct by politicians in Trim Municipal District since 2014 by yearWithdrawnWithdrawn
FOI/2019/0806/03/2019Other27/03/2019Number of instances of corruption/misconduct by politicians in Republic of Ireland since 2014 by yearWithdrawnWithdrawn