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Register of Political Parties & Accounting Units

To view the register of political parties and accounting units please click here - http://www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/about/publications/registerofpoliticalparties/

Accounting Unit Returns 2017

Political partyAccouting unitForms issuedStatus
Fianna FáilBallinacargy Cumann19/02/2018 
 Cavan CDC19/02/2018 
 Clare CDC19/02/2018 
 Cork East CDC19/02/2018 
 Cork North Central CDC19/02/2018 
 Cork South Central CDC19/02/2018 
 Cork South Central CDC, Charles Daly Cumann19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay North CDC19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay South CDC19/02/2018 
 Dublin Central CDC19/02/2018Received
 Dublin Fingal CDC19/02/2018 
 Dublin Rathdown CDC19/02/2018 
 Dublin South West CDC19/02/2018 
 Dublin West CDC19/02/2018 
 Dun Laoghaire CDC19/02/2018 
 Galway West CDC19/02/2018 
 Kerry CDC19/02/2018 
 Kildare North CDC19/02/2018 
 Kildare South CDC19/02/2018 
 Kilkenny CDC19/02/2018 
 Laois CDC19/02/2018 
 Leitrim CDC19/02/2018 
 Limerick CDC19/02/2018 
 Limerick City CDC19/02/2018 
 Longford CDC19/02/2018 
 Louth CDC19/02/2018 
 Mayo CDC19/02/2018 
 Meath East CDC19/02/2018 
 New Ross CC19/02/2018 
 Rocommon CDC19/02/2018 
 Tipperary CDC19/02/2018 
 Tullamore CDC19/02/2018 
 Waterford CDC19/02/2018 
 Wexford CDC19/02/2018 
Fine GaelBallinrobe Branch (Mayo)19/02/2018 
 Castlebar District19/02/2018 
 Clare Constituency19/02/2018 
 Cork North Central Constituency19/02/2018 
 Cork South Central19/02/2018 
 Cork South West19/02/2018 
 Dr. Garrett FitzGerald (Wicklow)19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay North19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay South19/02/2018 
 Dublin Central19/02/2018 
 Dublin Fingal19/02/2018 
 Dublin Mid West19/02/2018 
 Dublin Rathdown19/02/2018 
 Dublin South Central Constituency19/02/2018 
 Dublin South West19/02/2018 
 Dublin West19/02/2018 
 Dun Laoghaire19/02/2018 
 Duleek Gate Branch19/02/2018 
 Galway East Constituency19/02/2018 
 Galway West19/02/2018 
 Gorey District (Wexford)19/02/2018 
 Henry Kenny Castlebar Branch (Mayo)19/02/2018 
 Kells District19/02/2018 
 Kerry Constituency19/02/2018 
 Kildare North19/02/2018 
 Kildare South19/02/2018 
 Limerick City19/02/2018 
 Lusk Branch (Dublin North)19/02/2018 
 Meath East19/02/2018 
 Meath West19/02/2018 
 Trim Branch (Meath West)19/02/2018 
 Young FG Trinity19/02/2018 
Green PartyCarlow/Kilkenny19/02/2018 
 Cork South Central19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay South19/02/2018 
 Dublin Central19/02/2018 
 Dublin Fingal19/02/2018 
 Dublin Mid West19/02/2018 
 Dublin North Central19/02/2018 
 Dublin Rathdown19/02/2018 
 Dublin South Central19/02/2018 
 Dublin South West19/02/2018 
 Dun Laoghaire19/02/2018 
Sinn FéinClancy/O'Callaghan19/02/2018 
 Cole/Colley Cumann19/02/2018 
 Dublin Sinn Féin Club 10019/02/2018 
 Dublin Sinn Féin Donations19/02/2018 
 Dundrum Sinn Féin19/02/2018 
 James Stephens19/02/2018 
 Martin Doherty19/02/2018 
 McDonnell/O'Shea Cumann (Bantry)19/02/2018 
 Monaghan Comhairle Ceantair19/02/2018 
 Noel McCann (Ballinalsoe)19/02/2018 
 South Dublin19/02/2018 
 Traolach Mac Suibhne Cumann19/02/2018 
The Labour PartyBallyfermot Branch19/02/2018 
 Bray Branch19/02/2018 
 Charlie Smyth Branch19/02/2018 
 Clare Constituency19/02/2018 
 Donnybrook Branch19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay North Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay South Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Dublin Central Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Dublin Mid West19/02/2018 
 Dublin  Rathdown Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Dublin South West19/02/2018 
 Dublin West Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Dun Laoghaire Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Justin Keating Branch19/02/2018 
 Kildare North Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Labour Equality19/02/2018 
 Labour Women19/02/2018 
 Labour Youth19/02/2018 
 Lucan Branch19/02/2018 
 Mt Merrion/ Foxrock/ Kilmacud19/02/2018 
 Naas Branch19/02/2018 
 Sandyford Branch19/02/2018 
 Shelbourne Branch (Dublin South East)19/02/2018 
 Skerries Branch19/02/2018 
 Tipperary Constituency Council19/02/2018 
 Tipperary Town Branch19/02/2018 
 Trinity College19/02/2018 
 Wexford Constituency19/02/2018 
Solidarity - People Before ProfitCarlow/Kilkenny19/02/2018 
 Dublin Bay North19/02/2018 
 Dublin Fingal19/02/2018 
 Dublin South West19/02/2018 
 Dublin West19/02/2018 
 Dun Laoghaire19/02/2018 
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