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Register of Corporate Donors

Useful Information:

Corporate Donors Application Form .pdf (size 85.4 KB)

Corporate Donor Guidelines.pdf (size 209.8 KB)

Statement of Approval of a Donation by a Corporate Donor.pdf (size 32.7 KB)



Corporate DonorApplication
Aegis Safety LtdAegis Safety Ltd.pdf (size 518.8 KB)
Blue Insurance LimitedBlue Insurance Limited - 2015.pdf (size 150.9 KB)
CE Cladwell Estates LtdCE Cladwell Estates Ltd.pdf (size 173.4 KB)
C&R PrintC&R Print 2015.pdf (size 121.4 KB)
Cill Dara Betting LtdCill Dara Betting Ltd.pdf (size 151.5 KB)
Disability Federation of IrelandDisability Federation of Ireland.pdf (size 2.9 MB)
Donegal Office Services LtdDonegal Office Services Corporate Donor.pdf (size 148.1 KB)
E P Lynam PropertiesE P Lynam Properties.pdf (size 171.1 KB)
Fianna FáilFianna Fáil.pdf (size 2.3 MB)
Fermagh Properties LtdFermagh Properties Ltd.pdf (size 212.7 KB)
Gaming & Leisure Association of IrelandGaming and Lesiure Association of Ireland 2017.pdf (size 129.1 KB)
GMB Trade UnionGMB Trade Union.pdf (size 269.9 KB)
Golden Horseshoe Ltd.Golden Horseshoe Ltd 2015.pdf (size 112.9 KB)
Humanist Association of Ireland LtdHumanist Association of Ireland Ltd.pdf (size 152.8 KB)
Impact Trade UnionImpact Trade Union - 2015.pdf (size 115.2 KB)
INMOINMO.pdf (size 2.6 MB)
INTOINTO Corporate Donors Application form.pdf.pdf (size 101.3 KB)
Irish Farmers AssociationIrish Farmers Association 2017.pdf (size 173.7 KB)
Lagan Asphalt LimitedLagan Asphalt Limited Corporate Donor Form.pdf (size 144.4 KB)
Mac-Interiors LimitedMac-Interiors Limited.pdf (size 178.7 KB)
Marketo EMEAMarketo EMEA - 2015.pdf (size 556.1 KB)
Metropolitan Properties LtdMetropolitan Properties Ltd..pdf (size 205.6 KB)
Millennium Communications Cellular LimitedMillennium Communications Celluar Limited.pdf (size 162 KB)
Polwur LtdPolwur Ltd.pdf (size 163.1 KB)
Refraction LtdRefraction Ltd - 2015.pdf (size 297.4 KB)
Restaurants Association of IrelandRestaurants Association of Ireland.pdf (size 186.5 KB)
S.I.P.T.USIPTU 2017.pdf (size 232.3 KB)
Stella Doradus Europe LtdStella Doradus application form.pdf.pdf (size 159.8 KB)
Study in IrelandStudy in Ireland 2015.pdf (size 160.9 KB)
Unite the UnionUnite Trade Union 2017.pdf (size 160.8 KB)
The Community Foundation for Ireland LimitedThe Community Foundation for Ireland - 2015.pdf (size 291.8 KB)
The Labour PartyThe Labour Party.pdf (size 107.6 KB)
Transport Salaried Staffs' AssociationTransport Salaried Staffs' Association.pdf (size 165.1 KB)
Vinters' Federation of IrelandVintners' Federation of Ireland 2017.pdf (size 169.5 KB)